Welcome to Tim’s Run Across America 2015. My site is new, but will be filling up quickly with information concerning my run which is scheduled to begin in April 2015. The proposed route starts in Lewes, Delaware at the Atlantic Ocean, and finishes at Lincoln City, Oregon at the Pacific Ocean – some 3,117+ miles […]

Just FYI, My Run Across America 2015 scheduled for April 27th has been cancelled! There are several reasons why I can not make the run this year. The most important I believe is my health. For all of you Christian’s who believe in the power of prayer, please pray that I would get better. The […]

As each of you who have been keeping up with my blog already know, I am planning a 2015 Run Across America. The run will begin on April 27th in Lewes Delaware. It will take approximately 120 days, I will average 26.95 miles per/day @six days per week. I will wear out (7) pair of […]

Next April 27th I will begin my journey to RUN ACROSS AMERICA! My long distance trek will begin at Cape Henlopen State Park in Lewes, Delaware. I will run across (13) different states until I reach the finish line in Lincoln City, Oregon. I will run a total of 3117 miles which equals out to […]

Last week I stepped up my training for my RUN ACROSS AMERICA 2015. I am now doing a three hour workout six days a week. My weight is decreasing and my sugar levels are running between 65-155. I have had several sugar “lows” during each run, but am replenishing my body with honey and 1% […]

Walking on the beach in Lincoln City, Oregon. My final destination of my 2015 Run Across America.

I have not been training the last few months for my RUN ACROSS AMERICA 2015 due to my battle with Diabetes! This dreadful disease took the life of my 44 year old sister, and is trying it’s best to destroy me! However, I am beginning my quest AGAIN to reach my goal of a 3260 […]

The start of my Run Across America next year will begin in Lewes, Delaware which is the First town in the First state of our Union. It is located on the Delaware Bay, and is situated in eastern Sussex County. The town dates back to 1631 and it’s beauty is second to none with houses […]